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About D.L Shah Trust

Mr. D.L.Shah founded this Trust in 1994. The objectives of the Trust are quite wide, some of which are evident from the Trust's name itself. Through activities related to diverse fields, it is the endevour of the Trust to improve the 'Quality of Life' of fellow humans in India. As mentioned earlier , the Trust has published a number of books on Quality , Productivity & ISO , Standards on Quality , and distributed them free-of-charge to organisations , institutions and professionals. Over the years, thousands of copies of such books have been distributed, and form a valued trove of reference for the recipients.

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About Late Mr. D.L Shah

Late Mr. D. L. Shah, the founder of D.L. Shah Trust, was born in June 1907. Mr. D.L .Shah was a man of vision, an industrialist of repute & a noted philanthropist. He made a tremendous contribution to the Indian Industry in general, and the Machine Tool Industry in particular. From early days, Mr. Shah was concerned with the Industrial progress of India. In 1920s, he started imports of goods required for use in India. In 1947, India became independent. Mr. Shah foresaw that as a developing nation, India would need to build a strong industrial base ; and modern machine tools would be an integral part of its foundation. He started Perfect Machine Tools Company (PMT) and represented several European manufacturers of machine tools.

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