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QCI – D.L. Shah Quality Awards

About the Award

The QCI-DL Shah Quality Awards were launched in 2007 and are positioned PAN-India as the recognition for successful projects of an organisation that have resulted in continuous improvement of processes, products and/or services, better/effective operations and increased customers/stakeholders satisfaction. The awards are given for specific projects which have to be submitted in the form of case studies. Supported by adequate evidence in the form of documents or video clips.


This award is open to all type of organizations/sectors. The organization should be located in India. An organization submitting projects, must satisfy the following conditions:

  1. The organization has not been convicted by any Court for any irregularities.
  2. Projects once awarded will not be considered again.

Each project submitted shall be accompanied with an application fee

Any Govt.

Application Fees

5000 +GST*

Public Sector

Application Fees


Manufacturing (Large) Sector

Application Fees


IT/ITes Sector

Application Fees


Banking and

Application Fees


Transport etc.)

Application Fees



Application Fees



Application Fees



Application Fees


Oil and Gas

Application Fees



Application Fees



Application Fees



Application Fees



Application Fees


Hover over the tiles to see the per project Application Fees.


  1. *G.S.T 18% will be applicable on application fees.
  2. **MSMEs are required to mention their valid UAM registration number while filling up the online application form.

There are 3 levels of the Award.These levels are:

  1. Level 1 : QCI-D.L. Shah Quality Platinum Award d
  2. Level 2 : QCI-D.L. Shah Quality Gold Award
  3. Level 3 : QCI-D.L. Shah Quality Silver Award

Each level has its own distinct rigors and requirements for quality and performance with minimum qualifying marks to be achieved. During the site verification when no suitable project (case study) is found to be eligible under a sector / category, no award shall be given. The final decision pertaining to the number of Awards will be taken by the Jury constituted by the NBQP/D.L. Shah Trustees.

The assessment of the projects will be made on the basis of various parameters which have been identified by a team of experts from NBQP/QCI and D.L. Shah Trust. Emphasis will be placed on the following key parameters;

  1. Problem/solution clarity
  2. Ingenuity and Innovation in approach
  3. Data source and collection
  4. Technical approach
  5. Team working
  6. Diagnosis of the problem (root cause analysis & quality tools deployed)
  7. Benchmarking used in the project
  8. Impact of the project: tangible benefits, intangible benefits or socio economic and environmental benefits.
  9. Sustainability of the project
  10. Standardisation & Horizontal deployment.

Note1: Such projects for which financial impact cannot be arrived at (e.g. Projects belonging to Government, Education and Social Sector etc.), financial benefits will not be considered as a parameter for evaluation. However, such projects should state the environmental,socio-economic and other benefits.

Note2: The project should demonstrate application of appropriate quality tools and techniques.

Note 3: Projects which have concluded or live projects which are expected to yield results by June 2018 / during the site visit will be considered.

The team of experts nominated by the QCI will be carrying out the assessment of the projects submitted.

The projects will undergo the following phases of assessment

Stage 1: Online Application

Applicants are required to submit details pertaining to the application from (available on website) comprising of mandatory & optional fields.

Please Note: The structure of the application form is different this year. Also, please go through the ‘Detailed Project Report” (Suggested template to prepare case study) before submitting your Project.

Incomplete applications or such applications which lack clarity on the enablers, processes or results or are unrelated to any applications of quality tools and techniques will be rejected at this stage. The reasons of rejection will be duly intimated and discussed with the applicant. The decision on final rejection will be taken by the Assessment Team and Jury. After preliminary screening projects will undergo assessment as follows;

Stage 2: Preliminary Screening: - Document Assessment:

All eligible applications will undergo document assessment by the Assessment Team. The Assessment Team will examine the case studies on the basis of the assessment criteria as per the criteria listed .

The projects will be scored based upon the above assessment parameters. The marks obtained by each project at Stage 2 will be concluded through consensus approach by the assessment team. The assessment team will decide about the projects that will be invited for a live presentation at QCI office at New Delhi i.e. the next stage of assessment. The actual finalization of marks will be done during Stage 4.

Stage 3: Project Presentation at QCI office

The aim of the project presentation is to objectively comprehend and seek clarifications from the project team that have actually executed the project. After the presentation, the Assessment Team will finally decide the marks for various criteria through consensus approach. The decision for cut-off marks and thereafter the selection of projects for which site verification are needed will be taken at the end of this phase. Organizations shortlisted after Stage 3 will be informed about the site verification schedule well in advance.

Stage 4: Site Verification for project implementation

The aim of site visits will be to ensure that the claims made in the project including savings as well as tools employed are verified. The Assessment team will scrutinize the necessary documents as well as interact with Top Management, Project Head & Team personnel of the organization including people involved in the project in order to satisfy that all claims are justified. The CEO/COO/VP along with Project Head shall debrief the Project and answer all the queries put up by the site assessment team.

Report Submission

The assessment team will submit a report to NBQP Secretariat about their assessment of the projects and it will include recommendations for the various awards pertaining to the differentcategories of Award.

Stage 5: Final Selection and communication

NBQP Secretariat will forward the assessment report and recommendations of the assessment team to the Jury that has been formed for final selection of the awards. The jury will consist of eminent experts appointed by NBQP/QCI and the D.L. Shah Trust.

  1. Non – disclosure and confidentiality
    1. The names of the applicants and scoring system developed for the assessment process will be regarded as proprietary and kept confidential. Such information shall be made available only to those individuals who will be directly involved in the assessment and administrative process and shall not be disclosed.
    2. QCI will not disclose the details about the shortlisted/non-shortlisted candidates at any stage of the assessment. The qualified projects will be notified via e-mail/call by the QCI office directly.
  2. Any misinterpretation of facts will disqualify the organization from Awards and fees would be non- refundable.
  3. Applications received with incomplete data will not qualify.
  4. Fees submitted for projects are non-refundable/ non- adjustable.
Cost to be borne by the applicant organization

Besides the requisite application fees for participating in the Award the following costs are to be borne by the applicant organization.

  1. For Stage 3: All costs incurred by the Team Members of various projects who would be making presentation before assessment team members at Quality Council of India office, New Delhi.
  2. For Stage 4: Airfare charges* (wherever there is air connectivity)/train/AC Sedan car (in case no air/train connectivity exists).

    *Please Note: In case the number of organizations for a particular site are multiple, the travel expense may be shared by the applicant organizations. The invoice will be raised by QCI.

  3. For Stage 4: Hotel stay including Food/travel, refreshments and other miscellaneous expenses. The location and category of the hotel shall be decided by the Assessors and informed to the applicant organization for booking. In case of very large organizations or due to certain unforeseen circumstances where the assessment is not possible in 1 day then the applicant organization will bear the cost of stay for the 2nd night.
  4. For Stage 4: All local travel from hotel to assessment site and return shall be organized by the Applicant organization based on the mutual convenience of both.

Note:-The tentative amount for the expenses will be communicated to the applicant organizations prior to the site visit and consent taken for the site visit.

The detailed project report (capturing all the below mentioned fields) shall be submitted in the below mentioned format only.

Only PDF, PPT, PPTX and Word doc formats are allowed.

Font size should be 12 with single line space.

In case of the PDF and Word doc, the number of pages (including the images) should not exceed 15 pages. For PPT format, the number of slides (including the images) shall be limited to 35 only. The file size for upload of evidences is restricted to 5MB only.

Please provide information as far as possible as this will help in building a background of the project as well as the organization.

Fields marked in * are mandatory to mention.
  1. Case Study/Project Title
  2. Case Study/Project Brief (not more than half page)
  3. Specify the URL (link) of any supporting video is any. (Video should be of 2-3 mins max. Also along with the shared link 3 physical copies of the video needs to be send to QCI Office within 4 days of submitting the online application. )
  4. Case Study/Project Duration
  5. Case Study/Project Location
  6. Detailed Case Study/Project Submission
  7. Note :Read the attached guidelines- Template for Preparing the Case Study for case study preparation

  8. Benefits Achieved:-
  9. Customer Satisfaction Improvement (for Internal/External customers as applicable with supporting claims for the same if any).

    Other Benefits (specify Tangible, Intangible, Socio-Economic, Environmental benefits if any)

Online Applications should be submitted on or before 30th April 2018. For more details please Contact

Ms. Shruti Gupta
Executive Assistant
Phn- 011- 2332173/74 ext. – 306
Mob: - 8800891834

The awards will be presented during the Quality Conclave.