"(Above) A view of Delhi
Public School, Greater
Noida, and (below)
Students performing at a
competition during a
cultural programme at
the school."

“Quality of education
is very
good in India.
Right from the
time, a child is
born, parents just
focus on child’s
education. In
addition, the
Indian value system
is child-centred
and we try to
bring the best talent
in them. The
CBSE curriculum
is the best in the
world as lots of
innovation has
taken place in
our educational
—Meeta Rai
Headmistress, DPS,
Delhi Public School, Greater Noida, may be a relatively recent addition to the DPS family, but this has given it the opportunity to build in innovative systems, making it among the best. “Children need a different approach”

Management approaches have to keep pace with the changing world, feels Ms Kamini Bhasin, Principal, DPS, Greater Noida.

The general perception is that school, like yours, is for the well heeled; your views?
This is definitely not based on facts. We not only enrol children from weaker socio-economic backgrounds but work beyond the premises of the school. Remember, we have a responsibility towards the society too. We operate Shiksha Kendra with an objective to enrol girls from Udyan Care an NGO for the underprivileged girl-child so that they join mainstream schooling aand avail benefits of equal opportunity in education, without any discrimination.
DPS is in its sixth decade of successful operation. Do you foresee a need to change management style?
We are about to complete sixty years as DPS. The very success of DPS till date, is because of management's forward looking and proactive policies. Having said that, I would like to state that our society is changing fast, and so management too, has to keep that pace with the changing environment. What we thought of a good management practice say, twenty years ago may appear mundane today.
How do you view Quality Council of India's initiative on accreditation standard for Quality school governance?
The fact that our staff attended workshops conducted by QCI is indicative of our desire to bring in Quality school governance. The staff, after attending the workshop, briefed me and I was impressed. I have sent the booklet issued by them to my head office. We have to go through the details contained therein and incorporate specifics which would augment our existing efforts.
You said society is changing and so mindset of children too would change. Is it difficult to manage the school today?
The child today, is more aware of what is happening around his or her immediate environs, thanks to the media. Add economic growth and this has ushered in materialism. It is up to us elders teachers to instil a sense of responsibility, good behaviour and teach them not to seek things beyond their means. Management practices remain the same but approach towards it has changed. However, dealing with children requires a somewhat different treatment now. I believe good counselling is essential because a child's mind is very receptive and engages them in good ethics.

elhi Public School, popular as DPS, neither needs an introduction nor a pedigree. Started as Church High School in 1941 by Rev (Dr) J D Tytler in Viceroy Estate, its name was changed to Naveen Bharat School after Independence. The school was finally shifted in 1949 to Mathura Road and renamed as Delhi Public School. Like a small seed that grows into a mighty tree, DPS at Mathura Road boasts of 120 schools in India and abroad. Amongst private schools in the country, DPS is reckoned as the largest chain of schools. The schools are managed by the DPS Society — a nonprofit, non-propriety, educational body, widely recognised for its progressive approach and commitment to excellence. Distinction and diversity are the twin hallmarks of its philosophy while educational leadership and scholarly achievement its mission. The DPS at Greater Noida is its newer branch, established only in 1996. A thin line divides notoriety and reputation of any school. Almost six decades of dedicated, hard work has placed DPS on an enviable, coveted pedestal and the spin off is unmatched brand image. “I have a different view. No school is average or bad, it is a question of dedication of teachers in nurturing young, impressionable minds,” opines Kamini Bhasin, principal. She adds, “What is the role of a school? Academics, undoubtedly, are the first priority. But the school has a greater role to play beyond academics and that is moulding youngsters into responsible, compassionate human beings to take a greater role in the service of the country.” Being comparatively new, the infra-structure is aesthetically conceived and built optimally in an area covering 14 acres. The present concept of ‘space’ for intellectual stimulation in schools and colleges has been followed. One does not realise that the school has 2500 students currently, and yet, there is no claustrophobic ambience. “In the near future, we would add another 1000 students, since we have adequate infrastructure to meet the demand,” mentions Bhasin. The classrooms are large, airy and aided by natural light. Modern teaching aids supplement these attributes. has a well-stocked library. Laboratories are modern and have well appointed computer lab. “We plan to add more computers to accommodate more students, rather classes in a given timeframe,” says the principal. The school’s management often trumpet their teaching community’s excelleoknt academic prowess. “I want to ask whether the school’s role finishes only in imparting good education! Are we not equally responsible for developing students into all-round personalities?” questions Ms Bhasin, adding, “Academics may form a major part in a child’s development but there are other attributes such as honesty, integrity, social values, arts and culture, sports and outdoor activities which are instilled in their formative years.” There are 20 clubs to cater to the needs of students that include riding, swimming, athletics, and we even boast of an orchestra. “Each child has a gift in one or more events and our endeavour is to channelise their inherent gift in the right direction,” says a teacher. The teachers too, make extra effort to identify such ‘gifted’ children. “We have an excellent orchestra,” beams Bhasin. On the academic front, DPS, Greater Noida has fared exceedingly well and vies with other schools in the DPS family. In extra-curricular activities, it is faring even better. “Piloting the growth of this school is a blessed experience, a pilgrimage. It is an opportunity to touch many lives, to build up healthy relationships and to nourish tender souls,” mentions Bhasin. The motto — Service before Self — is practiced in letter and spirit. The DPS Family believes in serving others willingly, graciously and selflessly and not accepting anything in return for the service rendered. There is greater pleasure in giving than in receiving, for serving others is like serving God.